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Dubai to Outfit Detectives with Google Glass, Facial Recognition Software

by Todd Haselton | October 5, 2014October 5, 2014 9:00 am PDT


In June we learned that Dubai is interested in outfitting traffic police with Google Glass in an effort to identify wanted cars and to issue fines more easily. Now Dubai wants to deploy Google Glass further into the police force. Reuters on Friday said that Dubai now wants to outfit detectives with Google Glass, too.

The goal would be to combine Google Glass with facial recognition software that could help detectives spot criminals quicker. An officer might simply walk through a mall, for example, while the software and Google Glass would scan faces as he or she moves down the terminal. Once a potential match pops up, Google Glass could then alert the detective of  a match.

A Dubai spokesperson told Reuters that its plan for Google Glass roll-outs currently include two stages: Traffic officers will begin to receive Google Glass during stage one, while detectives will receive the units during stage two. It might seem expensive, but as Reuters notes, police oofficersalso drive $400,000 Lamborghinis in parts of Dubai.


Todd Haselton

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