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Guess the Phone: Still One of the Best Android Phones Around

by Brandon Russell | October 4, 2014October 4, 2014 12:00 pm PDT

Even though this device is on its way out, I’d still recommend it. I know we’re (allegedly) about to see its successor, but that’s just how strong this device is; it’s held up well over the last twelve months, which a huge compliment considering the quality of devices we’ve seen this year.

I won’t pretend you haven’t guessed it by now. Instead, let’s just admire what a great device this is. Android the way it should be experienced, with none of the fluff and unnecessary tweaks. Not everyone is into the whole stock thing, and many companies indeed add some useful features. But just wait until Android L begins rolling out. This device will be among the first to get it.

And that’s just one of many advantages for owning this device. Price is another big factor, though it’s by no means the cheapest out there (that’s shocking to say, because this device is already pretty affordable). Shortly after JR moved on to other daily drivers, I took the reins of this device and loved every single second. Would use again.

I’m not so sure I’m that excited for this device’s rumored successor. I mean, I can appreciate big phones, but the rumored device is going to be a BIG PHONE. My poor, feeble hands can barely handle a OnePlus One. This device is still available to buy, but for how much longer? If not now, then I wouldn’t be surprised to see inventory out for good in the coming weeks.

The most recent Guess the Phone was the HTC Windows Phone 8x.

Brandon Russell

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