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Square Enix Offers Final Fantasy XV Bromance Roadtrip Assets for Memes

by Ron Duwell | October 3, 2014October 3, 2014 6:00 am PDT

Final Fantasy XV Meme (1)

Final Fantasy XV has taken a bit of flack for its “bromantic roadtrip” feeling as Noctis and his band of buddies tour the countryside in their slick black car. Naturally, the internet has been relentless in poking fun at the game’s setting with a hilarious meme showing the guys doing things dudes do on dudely roadtrips.

During a livestream event with┬áProducer Shinji Hashimoto and recently appointed Director Hajime Tabata, the two gave opposing opinions of the meme. Hashimoto does not approve, thinking it pokes too much fun at the game’s serious themes, but Tabata thinks it is downright hilarious. In response, he has made it a lot easier for the meme to take of by providing three assets for fans to toy around with.

All three are .PNG files with the transparency turned on in the background. Just choose an image you want Noctis and his friends to be captivated by, drop them into Photoshop, and you are all set! Here, let me try!

Final Fantasy XV Sean

Hajime Tabata was chosen for the job of Final Fantasy XV’s director because he is a younger soul within the company, and he matches the more “in-touch” image that Square Enix is trying to obtain. Viral marketing, memes, and fan participation are huge in video game advertising these days, and it is clear that he understands this by supporting this meme.

It totally goes against the “holier than thou” image Square Enix has asserted for years, and I love how this guy can change that with just a simple action to acknowledge the fans like this.

Final Fantasy XV does not have a release date yet, but it will be playable on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Look for a four hour demo to come packaged with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD when it launches on March 17th.


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