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iPad With Kickstand, Wacky iPhone Prototypes Appear in Court Documents

by Todd Haselton | October 3, 2014October 3, 2014 12:15 pm PST

A new round of court documents published recently are providing a closer look at some of Apple’s prototype iPad and iPhone devices over the years. We’ve had a chance to see early prototypes in the past, specifically when Apple was trying to prove that Samsung copied its iPad and iPhone designs, and now we’re just getting a look at several newer photos that were dug up by The Verge.

There are some unique ones in the bunch worth highlighting.

First, Apple once considered an iPad with a kickstand? That’s awesome, and it appears to have tucked right into the back of the device. Apple probably ultimately ditched the idea upon the realization that case-makers could easily create accessories with standing functionality, but it’s still pretty wild to see it was once in the design plans at some level. Also of note: the iPad, like earlier prototypes, shows that it was once simply dubbed “iPod.” We know from earlier news reports that Apple was actually working on a tablet before the iPhone, and then went back to the drawing board after the first iPhone hit the market.

Speaking of iPhone, you’ll notice a wacky eight-sided octagon iPhone, which obviously never saw the light of day, in addition to some super fat models that have popped up in the past. One model even has the home button labeled “Menu,” and it certainly doesn’t look like something Jony Ive’s 2014 studio would ever create. We wonder what kind of crazy prototypes Apple is working on now.

The Verge

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