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Apple Thinks You’re Paying Too Much to Stream Music

by Jacob Kleinman | October 3, 2014October 3, 2014 7:30 am PDT


Last month we learned that Apple might be planning to re-brand Beats Music, but it looks like the company could do more than just give the music streaming service a new name. A new report fromĀ Re/code claims Cupertino is pushing the music industry to lower its standard $10 per month subscription price in an effort to attract more customers.

Apple is reportedly considering a handful of new features it wants to introduce to Beats Music. The only one mentioned specifically is a lower price, though it’s unclear exactly how much Apple expects its customers to pay for the music streaming service. We’re also not so sure the music industry will play along, since the shift will likely cut into its own dwindling profits.

$10 per month for unlimited music is already a pretty great deal; though lowering the price might actually boost revenue if it encourages more people to pay a regular subscription fee. It’s worth noting that Beats Music already offers a family plan through AT&T, which lets up to five people share a single account for just $14.99 per month. That’s actually pretty rare in the music streaming market, though it’s only available to AT&T customers.

It’s also unclear exactly when Apple will announce its new plans for Beats Music, though we’re guessing it could be a while before the company can get everyone onboard. It will be interesting to see whether Apple can actually help the music industry make a profit, or if it simply sees an opportunity to undercut its competition.


Jacob Kleinman

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