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Pebble Steel Price Drops to Just $170 on Amazon

by Jacob Kleinman | October 2, 2014October 2, 2014 1:00 pm PST

Pebble already slashed its own prices once earlier this week, but it looks like you’ll be able to find the high-end smartwatch even cheaper. Starting today you can grab a Pebble Steel on Amazon for just $169.99, down from the standard $199 price the company announced on Tuesday.

The discount only appears to cover the brushed stainless steel model, while the black matte Pebble Steel will still cost you $200 on Amazon. There’s no real difference between the two watches though, so unless you really like the way the black one looks the choice is pretty clear. Either way you’re still getting the same stainless steel design, gorilla glass screen, leather wristband and awesome battery life.

Despite some serious competition from Google we’re still big fans of Pebble. It might not be the prettiest software around, but it works really well while Android Wear is still struggling to figure out exactly what it should do. If you’re looking to buy a new smartwatch this discounted Pebble Steel is a great choice. Pebble also introduced new health and fitness-tracking features this week in partnership with Misfit, Jawbone and Thanks to a software update all three apps can help track your daily activity without any extra gadgets.

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