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OnePlus Shares New Quality Test Video in Light of iPhone 6 Plus Issues

by Brandon Russell | October 2, 2014October 2, 2014 7:00 pm PST


OnePlus One on Thursday released a new video giving users an inside look at the rigorous quality tests the company puts its phone through during production. There are sit tests, drop tests, USB stress tests and more—all so consumers get the most durable device possible while maintaining a beautiful design.

The video is likely in response to the media blowback surrounding Apple’s iPhone 6; it’s great to see those little machines doing the same tests over and over and over.

“The amount of time, thought, and creativity that goes into engineering a device as superb as the OnePlus One is similar to the process of painting a masterpiece,” said David S. in the OnePlus forums. “They are both works of art in their own way, if we may be so bold.”

Many of us here at TechnoBuffalo own the OnePlus One, and can unequivocally say that the device’s hardware is one of its major strengths. For a device offered at such an affordable price, the quality is evident, and it seems OnePlus puts in the hours ensuring its customers get a phone that can withstand the stress of everyday life. If only the company’s attention to detail would have translated over to its StyleSwap covers.

“We want you to be confident that your One measures to the highest standards possible,” David S. says.

Check out the video to see some of the testing OnePlus performs to ensure your device won’t bend under the weight of normal use.


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