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Secret of Mana’s Protagonists Make an Appearance in Rise of Mana

If Square Enix was looking for a way to appeal to the older Mana fans for the release of its free-to-play mobile RPG Rise of Mana, then it certainly has found one. In a collaborative effort between entries in the series, the three unforgettable protagonists from Secret of Mana have been rendered in the game’s engine and will be making an appearance as guest characters to aid your own hero in battle.

I mean, if Boy, Girl, and Imp-child being rendered in 3D for the first time isn’t enough to get you aboard with Rise of Mana, then I have no idea what will. I’m downloading it right now on my HTC One out here in Japan because of this news.

The game has been doing well for Square Enix, and frequent updates are providing plenty of content for players to enjoy. Square Enix even has plans to port it to the PS Vita, giving it a sense of authenticity us stingy traditional gamers won’t bother looking for in a mobile game.

Rise of Mana isn’t exactly the grand return of the Mana series longtime fans have been hoping for, but as far as free-to-play Japanese mobile RPGs go, Square Enix has put an unprecedented level of effort into this. Series Producer Masaru Oyamada has stated that there’s a big part of him “that wishes to properly make something” for the fans of the older games. If Rise of Mana continues to bring in the dollars, will that lead to a full-blown console Mana game?

No word on an English port of the game for American release, but we’ll keep an eye out for any information.


Ron Duwell

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