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Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator Lets You Shoot at Loot Caves Without Buying Destiny

by Ron Duwell | September 30, 2014September 30, 2014 7:30 pm PDT

Do you love firing blindly into Destiny‘s loot caves? A lot of people took to the infamous grinding exploit as a way to get powerful weapons early in the game, but that stopped when Bungie patched it out.

Well, those who want the experience of firing into a loot cave for hours on end no longer need to drop $60 on the full game, because one cheeky developer has made theĀ Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator. Using Unity Web Player, the game can be played in a browser, and literally all you do is fire into a cave as colored orbs fall from it. Your faceless character levels up periodically, and that’s the game.

There is no loot to collect and nothing to do besides firing blindly into the cave, so unlike Destiny, you can’t take a break and reap the benefits and rewards of your hard work. Keep in mind though, people grinding away on loot caves all day long rarely do that either.

What level can you get to before getting sick of it? I got halfway through level 4 and saw a few purple drops before quitting out of boredom. Plus, I couldn’t invert the vertical aiming, another criticism I have of the game.

I still have not played Destiny, but I am for the cave’s existence mostly because I like games with rough edges and exploits, and I don’t like developers dictating to its audience how to enjoy something they paid money for. That being said, I can see why people would call out the loot caves for the boring grind that they are.

Ron Duwell

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