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Jawbone UP For iPhone Taps Health App, No Longer Requires Wearable

by Todd Haselton | September 29, 2014September 29, 2014 9:00 pm PST


The Jawbone UP and Jawbone UP24 still remain two of our top choices for wearables but, starting today, you don’t necessarily have to own either gadget to track your data. Jawbone recently introduced a new version of its UP application for iOS that uses the phone’s secondary sensors to keep track of your movement. Better yet, it taps into the Health iOS app, using HealthKit, so you can view all of your activity inside Apple’s own application.

Keep in mind that there are two UP for Jawbone applications in the iTunes App Store. One is used specifically for sync with your Jawbone UP or Jawbone UP24, while the other is brand new – it has a purple icon instead of a blue one – and doesn’t require either wearable.

Once it’s installed you can login with an existing Jawbone account, or create a new one, and then you’ll need to give it permission to tap into the Health application. You can turn on steps counting and sleep analysis and you’ll be presented with the same Jawbone application that’s available for the company’s wearables. That means you can still compete against friends, set sleep, movement and weight goals and more – all features that aren’t available inside Apple Health.

The app is a pleasure to use and should be helpful for folks who don’t otherwise have a fitness tracker and want to do more with their health data than simply look at it – as is the case with Health. Hit the source to install UP for iPhone now.

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