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Developers Seeing Increased Traffic Following Steam Update

by Eric Frederiksen | September 29, 2014September 29, 2014 7:30 pm PST


Last week saw one of the most visible updates to Valve’s Steam service in a long time. The update was meant to improve discovery of new games, collecting recommendations personalized to each user.

According to a report from Gamasutra, this appears to be working out pretty well.

Andrew Spearin of New World Interactive says that pageviews for the developer’s game, Insurgency,¬†have increased sixteen times over since the update. They were hovering around 5,800 on Sunday, jumping up to 21,500 on Monday and 83,000 on Tuesday. Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games wasn’t quite as exact with his numbers, but he said “curators were the number one way people went to our page, accounting for a little over 25 percent of total traffic.”

The new interface has a couple ways to bring users to games they might not have found otherwise.

The first is a recommendation engine, recommending games to you based on what you’ve looked at, what you play, and what your friends play, according to Spearin. The other way is through Curators, which Boyd mentioned above. Curators are people or organizations, such as YouTube personality TotalBiscuit or publications like PC Gamer and Kotaku. Insurgency, for example, is recommended by TotalBiscuit, who is currently the most popular curator on Steam.

Spearin acknowledges that the huge spike is likely to taper off once people get used to the changes, but feels the end result will still be positive for his studio.


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