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Destiny’s Iron Banner Runs from October 7th to 14th

by Joey Davidson | September 29, 2014September 29, 2014 10:30 am PST

Destiny - The Iron Banner

If you’re playing Destiny and looking for a shot at some exceptionally great Legendary gear, you might want to mark your calendar for October 7th through the 14th. Bungie is rolling out the Iron Banner for that week.

How is the Iron Banner different from normal Crucible stuff? Well, you bring all of your leveled gear into each battle. That means the guns are no longer made even for the sake of smooth play. If you have an amazing weapon, you will destroy folks with it.

The rewards for doing well? More high level gear. It’s a truly legitimate way to deck yourself in purple and yellow, assuming the Cryptarch isn’t going to be a big jerk about those engrams and troll you with greens and blues.

Will you be rocking out in the Iron Banner next week?

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