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The Legend of Legacy Reveal Trailer – Yup, I Gotta Play This. It Stars a Frog.

by Ron Duwell | September 26, 2014September 26, 2014 8:00 pm PST

I was already on board with The Legend of Legacy after developer FuRyu revealed that the team behind it is mostly made up of former SaGa developers from Square Enix. Now with a new reveal trailer available, I am going to go to bed every night hoping that this game will get the full English treatment.

The trailer has everything I like from a solid JRPG these days: Soft and simple settings, characters that don’t rupture with the angst of ten thousand angry teenagers, and just a sense of good, old fashioned adventure. I like how the world pops up as the characters go strolling through the maps, similar to Bastion, but I also wonder if that will get annoying after a few hours.

The Legend of Legacy starts off conventionally enough with an English description that sets up a wonderful premise. A king charges that whoever uncovers the spiritual mysteries below the ruins of the ancient island of Avalon will inherit the land for him or herself. It’s a little Engrishy, but I think that is the general idea. Again, nice, easy, and old fashioned. Like a warm blanket.

Plus, of the seven characters you can build a party from, one of them is a frog! When has a JRPG starring a frog ever been a bad game?

Chrono Trigger

That’s right. Never! I rest my case.

The Legend of Legacy doesn’t look like it will change the world, but it has the SaGa team behind it. That means it will be very unconventional with open-ended exploration, randomized stat growth, and a sense that JRPGs don’t always have to play by the rules. It should provide a wonderful alternative to the traditional Bravely Default.

I really hope we see this game in English. I really hope that someone other than the writer of that intro handles the translation, too. The Legend of Legacy will be released in Japan on Jan. 22.


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