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Windows 9 Announcement Set for Next Week, Microsoft Exec Reveals

by Jacob Kleinman | September 24, 2014September 24, 2014 2:00 pm PST

windows 9 wallpaper mockup

Earlier this month Microsoft confirmed plans for a press event on Sept. 30 where the company will discuss “what’s next for Windows and the enterprise.” We’ve already been pretty certain that Microsoft will discuss Windows 9, and now it looks like one Microsoft exec may have accidentally confirmed our suspicions.

The news comes from Alain Crozier, the head of Microsoft France who, during a recent livestream on the company’s French website, said the new version of Microsoft’s desktop OS will be announced on Sept. 30. Crozier also referred to the software as “Windows 9,” essentially confirming the rumored name.

Microsoft has since downplayed the slip-up and told that Microsoft still hasn’t officially named its next OS. “We look forward to seeing you in late September, in San Francisco, for the future of Windows, which actually at this stage does not have a name as such,” said Microsoft France director of marketing and operations Nicolas Petit.

At this point it seems pretty clear that Microsoft will announce Windows 9 next week, though it’s possible the company could have a different name planned for the new operating system, and it’s likely we’ll hear it referenced as “Windows Technical Preview,” for now. Hopefully we’ll get the full story on Sept. 30, along with whatever else Microsoft has planned. Until then you can check out some of the latest leaked screenshots from “Windows 9” below.

Jacob Kleinman

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