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Project Morpheus is Now 85% Complete, According to Sony

by Joey Davidson | September 23, 2014September 23, 2014 9:30 am PDT

E3 2014 Sony Morpheus

If math is to be trusted (and I’m totally not sure it is), we’re only 15  percent away from getting our hands on the final version of Sony’s Project Morpheus. Exactly how long is 15 percent? I don’t know, 10 minutes? Nah.

Speaking with The Wall Street Journal about the progress being made behind the scenes of Project Morpheus, Sony Worldwide Studios Boss Shuhei Yoshida revealed that the “Sony has finished 85 percent of the work needed to make the product available.”

Yoshida even went on the say that a lot of the tech used in Project Morpheus is also used in Sony’s mobile phones, so they’ve been able to keep costs down for the virtual reality headset.

How much it will sell for and when, exactly, it will sell will obviously be revealed as those 15 percent points slowly get knocked off.

Are you excited to use Project Morpheus? Or, does the idea of going into a world of virtual reality have you not as eager as you thought you’d be. Personally, I fall somewhere in between those modes.

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