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Skype iOS 8 Update Lets You Respond from Your Lockscreen

Earlier this year Microsoft pushed out a redesigned version of Skype meant to attract iPhone owners back to the messaging and online calling service. Now the company is rolling out a smaller update in an effort to take advantage of Apple’s new iOS 8 operating system, though the new app still falls short in at least one way.

The biggest improvement is an interactive notification option that lets you deal with incoming calls and messages without ever opening the app. Instead, you can respond from the lockscreen or within any other application. You can answer a call and even choose between voice and video, or respond to a text without unlocking your phone first.

Microsoft’s Skype update takes full advantage of iOS 8, but it doesn’t do much to respond to the bigger screens featured on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. That’s a problem we’re seeing with a number of iOS apps, which still haven’t figured out how to take advantage of Apple’s super-sized smartphones. Hopefully we’ll see developers start to adapt to those larger screens, though it could take a while to happen.

You can download the new version of Skype for free via the App Store. You’ll need at least iOS 7 to grab the update and interactive notifications will only work on iOS 8.

Jacob Kleinman

Jacob Kleinman has been working as a journalist online and in print since he arrived at Wesleyan University in 2007. After graduating, he took a...