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Fatal Frame 5 Trailer and Screenshots – Silent Hills is Not the Scariest Game at TGS

by Ron Duwell | September 22, 2014September 22, 2014 8:30 pm PST

While most of the world prepares their souls for the horrors of Silent Hills, I am prepping every last nerve in my body for the newest Fatal Frame game for the Wii U. Why is that? Well, I can play any Silent Hill game with all the lights turned out for more than five minutes. Fatal Frame is far too horrifying for that to happen.

If you need any proof, just look at these horrific ghost designs. Remember that these phantoms can pop out of any wall at any moment, and our female protagonist has only a clunky Camera Obscura with her as a last line of defense. No gun, no pipes, not even the use of her fists and fingernails. Just excellent timing skills, pattern recognition, and an ancient camera that can capture souls.

Koei Tecmo confirmed that the game would feature two more playable characters who are both on a collision course with the main leads’s storyline and also commented on how it plans to work the protagonist’s hydrophobia into the game. A “wetness meter” will measure how wet the character gets due to rain or splashes in the mountain creeks. As she succumbs to her greatest fear, the Camera Obscura deals more damage, but also leaves her clunkier and more exposed to a higher rate of ghosts.

I hope you like what you see in the trailers, because that’s all you’ll ever get to unless you import or watch a Let’s Play. Chances are Nintendo of America is not going to risk its family friendly image by releasing this game to an unsuspecting American public. It would be a shame, because the Fatal Frame series is just that good. Check out the screenshots below for more images of our female protagonists and Koei Tecmo’s ghastly designs.

Fatal Frame: The Raven-Haired Shrine Maiden will be released this week in Japan on Sept. 27.

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