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Verizon Subscribers Can Enjoy Simultaneous Voice & Data on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Apple iPhone 6-13

There are already so many reasons to buy one of Apple’s new iPhones; they have bigger and better screens, improved cameras, faster processors, and stunning new designs. But in case you’re a Verizon customer who needed just one more, how does simultaneous voice and data sound?

Verizon users have long been unable to use data while they’re on a call, so when you’re buddy rings for directions because he’s lost or your other half calls to ask what time the movie starts, you can’t pull up a map or hop into Safari and find the information you need without first ending your call. It’s one of the biggest downsides to choosing Big Red when you take out a new contract.

But with support for VoLTE on Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, this restriction is eliminated. The service has already been activated by Verizon, so for the first time while connected to a 4G LTE network, you can be on the phone and browse the web at the same time.

VoLTE on Verizon also delivers “Advanced Calling,” a high-definition calling experience for more “natural-sounding” voice and video calls. You’ll need to enable this on your iPhone before you can enjoy it, however. To do so, simply hop into the Settings app, choose “Cellular” and then “Enable LTE,” and then select “Voice & Data.”

And if you’re not a fan of iOS, you’ll also find Advanced Calling capabilities on the Samsung Galaxy S5, the LG G3, and other Android-powered handsets coming soon.


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