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Microsoft Offers 30GB of Free OneDrive Storage Space for Photo Backups

by Killian Bell | September 21, 2014September 21, 2014 11:00 am PST


Microsoft is offering users who backup their photos to OneDrive the opportunity to double their free online storage for a limited time. From now until the end of September, users can claim 30GB of space for saving twice as many photos in the cloud.

“Tonight, we are pleased to announce that we are doubling the amount of free storage you get with OneDrive,” Microsoft wrote on its blog on Friday — but users won’t have their plan upgraded automatically. “All you have to do is sign up for OneDrive and activate the auto upload feature for your camera roll sometime between now and the end of September, and you will get 30 GB of free OneDrive storage moving forward (15 GB base and 15 GB camera roll bonus).”

Microsoft is marketing the offer at iPhone users who are upgrading to iOS 8 or purchasing a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, but the extra space can be claimed by Android and Windows Phone users, too. Just remember that you must sign up before the end of September, otherwise you’re going to miss out on the 15GB bonus.

By backing up your photos and videos to an online storage service like OneDrive, you can enjoy them at any time and on almost any device without having to store them locally. That’s why a service like OneDrive is essential for users with entry-level and midrange devices that don’t offer a lot of internal storage — or 16GB iPhone users that don’t have the pleasure of a microSD card slot.

By storing your photos and videos in the cloud, you can save local storage space and have more room for apps, music, movies, and more. It also means that if your handset is lost or stolen and you never get it back, you haven’t lost your precious memories.

If you aren’t already using a service like this, then, now’s a great time to start.


Killian Bell

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