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You’ll Be Able To Pre-Order the OnePlus One In October

by Brandon Russell | September 19, 2014September 19, 2014 5:00 am PST

It’s been quite the journey for the OnePlus One. Months after its official launch, the device is still relatively difficult to come across, and the company has canceled its much-anticipated StyleSwap project due to production issues. But if you’re still set on picking up what we consider to be one of the best devices on the market, you’ll have your chance this October—right in the thick of Phone Mania (AKA when some really incredible new devices will be available).

OnePlus said it will accept pre-orders at the end of October; the company said there’s no limit to the amount of orders, but there is a time limit.

“If we get a lot of pre-orders, we’ll simply show you a longer shipping estimation date,” the company said in a blog post. “Any time after the pre-order time closes, you’ll be able to forget your place in line, cancel the order, and release the payment reserve if you don’t wish to wait any longer. If you receive an invite while waiting for a pre-order to ship, you can apply it to skip the pre-order queue and have your order shipped immediately.”

While being able to nab a pre-order sounds great, OnePlus is still pretty vague about when devices will actually ship, especially if there’s major demand. The company is still struggling to keep up, so there’s no telling how this will go; the invite system has been a bit of a mess, though we’re inclined to think the wait is worth it, especially at $299 off-contract.

OnePlus promises to launch the pre-order system at the end of October, which isn’t all that far away. The company has made promises in the past, but we all know how that turned out. We’ll let you know as soon as pre-orders are available.


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