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Final Fantasy XIII Coming to Steam Oct. 9, Final Fantasy IV Already Available

by Ron Duwell | September 19, 2014September 19, 2014 12:30 pm PST

Final Fantasy IV

Confirming the leak earlier this week, Square Enix continues to migrate its Final Fantasy series to the PC platform by announcing the entire Final Fantasy XIII trilogy will be available on Steam.

The first game in the series will be released on Oct. 9 for the low price of just $16. Pre-ordering will drop 10 percent of that price to just $14.39. Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will follow suit on unannounced dates.

The popular Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy IV has also quietly popped up on Steam this week for $15.99 from out of nowhere. It has the same nice HD makeover the iOS and Android port sported, and it’s most likely just as brutal as ever. Seriously, this is one of the few remakes which makes the game harder than the classic it is based on.

These four additions will bring the number of Final Fantasy games on Steam to eight. Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn now find themselves in crowded company, and something tells me Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD won’t take too long to join them.

What other Final Fantasy games would you like to see pop up in this huge migration? No doubt the company has some contracts which hold back a few games on the PlayStation only, but we seriously need a new way to play Final Fantasy XII. The PlayStation 2 and its lackluster engineering are going extinct by the day, and the physical disc is still the only way to play that game.


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