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Apple Unveils Discounted App Bundles for iOS 8

by Jacob Kleinman | September 18, 2014September 18, 2014 7:00 pm PST

ios 8 app bundles

iOS 8 is finally here and there’s a lot to be excited about. We’ve already gone over some of our favorite hidden features, but there’s one more update worth checking out. Starting with iOS 8, Apple is introducing bundles to the App Store if you want to grab multiple applications from the same developer at once.

Bundles appear in a new section of the App Store, where they’re organized using folder icons similar to the ones on your iPhone. Apple actually announced the new feature back in June at WWDC, so developers had plenty of time to prepare. Now three months later there are tons of bundles available from some of the top iOS developers around ranging from productivity services to gaming brands like Cut the Rope and Flappy Bird.

The biggest advantage to these app bundles is the discounts that comes with them, though of course it’s only a bargain if you actually wanted to download all of those apps to begin with. One more thing: if you already own one of the apps in a specific bundle you’ll get an extra discount for the rest of the package.

Apple has a specific webpage for developers that’s set up to explain how to design and market new app bundles. For everyone else, you can head to the App Store now to start shopping.

Jacob Kleinman

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