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Amazon Spends $4.6M to Grab .Buy Domain Name

by Jacob Kleinman | September 18, 2014September 18, 2014 10:00 pm PST

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The Internet is expanding beyond the familiar domains names we know and love. After all, .com, .org and .net are all great, but what about .buy, .tech and .vip? Yesterday those three domain names went up for auction with tech titans like Google and Amazon bidding millions of dollars apiece.

At the end of the day Amazon came away with control over the .buy domain for a cool $4,588,888 in a move that should help cement the company’s control over the online shopping market. Google also unsuccessfully bid on the same domain, according to a report from Domain Name Wire. Meanwhile, .tech went to Dot Tech LLC for roughly $6.7 million and .vip was picked up for just $3 million by Minds + Machines, an Irish company that’s made a business out of buying and reselling domains.

It’s unclear exactly what Amazon has planned for .buy, though we could see the company setting up an even more massive online store where everything you buy and sell happens on its own platform. Meanwhile, Google’s already expressed interest in grabbing .search, .blog, .app and .cloud with plans to create public platforms, though as far as we know the search giant hasn’t secured any of those domains so far.

ICANN Domain Name Wire

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