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Steam Logo Pops Up on Final Fantasy XIII’s Official Portal Website, PC Port Inbound?

by Ron Duwell | September 17, 2014September 17, 2014 3:30 pm PST

Final Fantasy XIII PC

Square Enix Japan has a brand new Japanese portal website for Final Fantasy XIII, and located at the bottom are all the different platforms you are able to pick it and its sequels up for to play. Let’s see, we have the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, Square Enix’s recently announced mobile and streaming DiveIn, and of course, Steam!

Wait a minute, that last one shouldn’t be there! Final Fantasy XIII has never been released for the PC nor has Square Enix announced official plans to make it happen… unless.

Could we be getting an announcement at TGS tomorrow? Square Enix has mentioned its willingness to port its most beloved series to the PC platform, and four games have already been released through steam within the last year: Final Fantasy III, VII, VIII and XIV: A Realm Reborn. Keep in mind that Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III are also being created with Direct X11 in mind, allowing for easy ports between platforms.

All things said, the idea of Final Fantasy XIII coming to PCs doesn’t seem that outlandish these days, even considering fellow Japanese giant Metal Gear Solid V is coming to PCs as well. Square Enix is trying to grasp for whatever remaining popularity is can snag from its decade long domination of the series, and tapping a new market this late in the game is just another way to do it. Keep your eyes peeled here for any TGS 2014 news over the next three to four days.

Of course, that “PlayStaion” typo is just as silly, too.

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