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Saints Row Director Steve Jaros Takes Up a Job at Valve

by Ron Duwell | September 16, 2014September 16, 2014 5:30 pm PST

Steve Jaros

What do you get for creating the most outlandish and off-the-wall franchise on the video game market? How about a job at Valve, the most desired place to work in all of video gaming?

That’s just the opportunity which has fallen into Saints Row Creative Director Steve Jaros, who announced his departure from Volition on his Twitter account after 10 years of employment.

“The past 10 years at Volition have been life changing. I’ve gotten to work with amazing people and made friends that will last a life time. I’m super proud of the work we did on Saints Row, and am excited for what Volition does in the future, but it’s time for me to move on.”

Saints Row might have started as a cheap Grand Theft Auto clone from the early days of the previous generation, however, it has since flourished into the most biting piece of satire on the market. Nothing is off limits for Volition to poke fun at, and it does so with the most “in your face” style possible.

One really has to wonder how Jaros is going to use this talent for low-brow criticisms at Valve, which is generally imagined as a bit more sophisticated than the Saints Row games. If he is to be put in charge of development at Valve, his next game’s story should totally star a game developer who left his small company to work for a larger, more beloved one. Only, he finds that he has nothing to do now that his co-workers have lost all will and drive to continue making the one video game its fans are clamoring for.

An autobiography, perhaps.

Ron Duwell

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