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iPhone 6 Leaker Detained in China for Stealing From Foxconn

by Jacob Kleinman | September 16, 2014September 16, 2014 9:00 pm PST

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last week it didn’t come as much of a surprise. Pretty much everything about Cupertino’s two new smartphones had already leaked out earlier this year, and now one Foxconn employee is paying the price for spreading that information ahead of time.

According to local paper Taihang Daily, Chinese officials detailed one Foxconn worker referred to as Mr. Qiao earlier this month for stealing and selling iPhone 6 shells. The suspect apparently made 6,000 yuan (roughly $960) off the leaked Apple hardware, selling the shells at an electronics market in southern China for 1,000 yuan ($160) each.

The report offers some details how Qiao was able to smuggle those iPhone 6 shells out of the Foxconn factory where he was employed, revealing how easy it is for parts to go missing at a facility where over 10,000 people work to assemble new gadgets. Apparently he simply put the Apple hardware in his pocket and walked out when the highest number of people were leaving the factory each day, making it relatively easy to slip by Foxconn’s security checks. The company reportedly noticed the missing iPhone shells back in August, but spent 20 days reviewing security footage before finally catching Qiao.

It’s fascinating to put human face on the iPhone 6 leaks that flooded the Internet earlier this year, though we’re guessing Qiao wasn’t the only person walking out of Foxconn with Apple hardware in his pocket.

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Jacob Kleinman

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