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Oppo N3 Leaked Design Looks… Interesting

by Jacob Kleinman | September 15, 2014September 15, 2014 12:30 pm PST

Last year when Oppo unveiled its N1 smartphone we were pretty impressed by its sleek design and rotating 13-megapixel camera. Now it looks like we’re getting a first look at the follow-up Oppo N3 thanks to some leaked images obtained by¬†GSMArena, though to be honest we’re not sure what to make of this new design.

Just like the Oppo N1, the N3 appears to feature a rotating camera so you can use the same powerful lens to take both regular photos and high-quality selfies. But this time the camera module has been transformed into a huge cylinder that sits on top of a thin slate device. It looks like Oppo also fit a set of speakers on either side of the cylinder. Overall the rest of the design looks pretty great, revealing what appears to be a metallic shell with super-thin bezels and a minimalistic design, but we just can’t get over that ugly camera bulge up top.

There’s still no info on what kind of hardware the Oppo N3 will offer under the hood, though we’re expecting a high-end device after last year’s impressive N1. The other big question is whether the N3 will ship running CyanogenMod like some N1 variants did, but today’s leak appears to show the device running Oppo’s own Color OS.

We’re still excited to see what the Oppo N3 has to offer, and hope that it won’t be too long before we get an official look at the device. Hopefully the company has plans to slim down that camera module though, or its next big smartphone could be too unwieldy to actually use.


Jacob Kleinman

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