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Master Chief Discovered in Destiny? Fans Find a Suspicious Easter Egg

by Ron Duwell | September 15, 2014September 15, 2014 12:15 pm PST

Master Chief

Bungie may have cleverly slipped an homage to Halo‘s protagonist Master Chief within the confides of its newest hit, Destiny. The company is known for slipping difficult Easter Eggs to uncover within its games, so to think that Master Chief would be MIA from Destiny is almost unthinkable.

Of course, Halo is owned by Microsoft and now developer by 343 Industries, and Destiny is an Activision product, meaning that no official recognition or mention of the character can be made. However, Reddit user SmokingGhost claims to have found what is clearly a reference to Master Chief in the Trenchworks on Mars.

With the lightning just right and standing in the correct position, take a look at the command tower, and you’ll notice that the shape, layout, and orange lights in the window very closely resemble an iconic video game helmet we all know quite well.

Destiny Master Chief

What do you think? Is it close enough to be Master Chief? I think it’s pretty uncanny, and Bungie was definitely being a little cheeky with the design of this tower. Better yet, Master Chief now unofficially appears in a game that Sony is treating like a holiday first-party release. Hilarious!

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