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Glympse Keyboard for Android Lets You Share Your Location Inside Other Apps


Glympse has long allowed users to share their location with friends on Android, but traditionally you’ve had to open up the dedicated Glympse app to do so. That’s no longer the case thanks to the company’s new Keyboard app, which makes location sharing from within other apps super simple.

You’re most likely to want to share your location while conversing with friends, either from within Hangouts or another SMS client, or inside apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Skype. The new Glympse Keyboard allows you to do that — without having to leave your conversation.

Glympse Keyboard doesn’t want to replace the keyboard you already use; it’s not a traditional virtual keyboard with a Glympse logo slapped on it, so you can continue to use SwiftKey or Swype or whatever else it is you’re into. You only summon Glympse Keyboard it when you want to share your location.

So, like your other keyboard options on Android, it’s accessible from the notification pane whenever you’re typing. Simply pull down from the top of your display, tap the keyboard options, and then select Glympse. Its “Quick Send” mode lets you quickly share your location from a popup that then disappears so that you can continue with your conversation.

Glympse Keyboard won’t replace the standalone Glympse app, but it’s a great way to share your location with friends from inside other messaging apps. And best of all, it’s completely free and available to download now from Google Play.

Killian Bell

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