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Chrome OS Update Lets Users Stream Video From Google Drive to Chromecast

Cast button Chrome OS

Google has added the ability to stream videos stored on Google Drive directly to a Chromecast in its latest Chrome OS developer build. The feature isn’t yet available to the public, but it should make its way into a final Chrome OS release once stable.

With Google Drive streaming in Chrome OS, users can stream TV shows, movies, and other content that they have stored in the cloud directly to their TV. All that’s required is a Chromecast (obviously) and the Google Cast extension for Chrome, which is a free download from the Chrome Web Store.

With these things in place, users will see a cast icon in the menu bar when they begin playing video files, and they’ll be able to specify which Chromecast they wish to stream it to if they have more than one their network.

If you don’t see the cast button, and you’re running the latest Chrome OS developer build, “that means you may not have installed or enabled the Google Cast Extension,” according to François Beaufort, a member of the Chromium team who first highlighted the new feature in a Google+ post.

Providing no major issues are discovered during developer testing, this feature should be rolled out to public Chrome OS releases soon.

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