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Check Out These Crazy Gear S Wristbands from Diesel

by Jacob Kleinman | September 14, 2014September 14, 2014 6:00 am PST

Samsung never had much luck convincing designers to create custom wristbands for the curved slice of Super AMOLED at the center of the Gear Fit, but it looks like the company already found one high-end partner for the brand new Gear S. Diesel Black Gold introduced its new take on the curved smartwatch.

Diesel is offering up three different options for its Gear S SS 15 collection. There’s a thick studded wristband, a simple black leather wristband and a third design that’s a bit hard to describe. It’s much thinner than the other two and doesn’t wrap around the sides of the display. Instead Samsung’s AMOLED display awkwardly sits on top of a leather pedestal. It’s not ugly, just a little strange.

“I wanted to take the Gear S and inject the DNA of Diesel Black Gold,” said Andreas Melbostad, the creative director for Diesel Black Gold’s womenswear department. “It has been an inspiring challenge to create a personalized version of this device making it an extension of the person and individual expression.”

The news comes just after the Apple Watch was unveiled this week at an event in California, revealing Cupertino’s own take on the budding smartwatch market. As expected, Apple is putting a big emphasis on fashion with two different screen sizes, three different models and tons of swappable wristbands to choose from. If Samsung wants to stay competitive it will have to prove that the Gear lineup can be eye-catching as well.


Jacob Kleinman

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