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Microsoft Reportedly Testing Xbox Games in the Browser

by Brandon Russell | September 13, 2014September 13, 2014 2:00 pm PST

E3 2014 Xbox logo

Sources speaking to Neowin claim Microsoft wants to bring Xbox games to your browser. The platform would essentially work like Sony’s PlayStation now, but could potentially offer one huge feature that’s tormented streaming game services in the past: lag.

Through a new project called DeLorean, Microsoft may have figured out how to eliminate latency by predicting what’s going to happen next in the game; the software renders frames before an event even occurs, improving the streaming experience to the point where it’s as if the game is in your machine.

Microsoft would apparently bring both Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles to your browser, essentially allowing anyone with a capable computer to use this mystery service. A source said the platform will hover around 60 fps, making for a really smooth experience; the Xbox 360 games will apparently “offer up the full experience, including the dashboard running in the browser,” Neowin said.

There are some major obstacles, however, one of which is licensing. If such a service is offered, bringing games to your browser could cut into a publisher’s PC game sales, so those same publishers would no doubt need to work out a slice of the profits if a new platform is introduced. The service will apparently run in any browser, too, including Chrome (and Internet Explorer).

Microsoft is reportedly in the aggressive testing stages, though it’s unclear when it could be rolled out on a wider scale. PlayStation Now, Sony’s Netflix-like platform, is still in the beta stages, so Microsoft might not be so rushed to bring it to market. But it does sound like something is definitely in the works. We’d expect Microsoft to use the stage of E3 to announce something, but perhaps we’ll see something even sooner than that.


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