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Windows 9 Start Menu Leaks Out in New Videos

by Jacob Kleinman | September 12, 2014September 12, 2014 10:30 am PST

Yesterday we got a good look at Windows 9 thanks to 20 leaked photos of the upcoming operating system. Now two new videos are offering an even closer look at one of the most anticipated features. The Start Menu is finally coming back, though the new version Microsoft is poised to roll out does its best to mix the menu’s classic design with the live tile widgets it introduced for Windows 8.

To be honest this is pretty much what we expected to see. Microsoft even offered an early look at the new Start Menu during its 2014 BUILD conference. Since then the menu definitely got a few small tweaks, but for the most part it hasn’t really changed. Beyond the familiar list of programs, folders and options that pop up just above the Start button, Microsoft has added rows of Live Tiles, though these appear to be optimized for your mouse and keyboard setup instead of touch controls.

The videos, which were uploaded by German siteĀ WinFuture, also show how Modern UI apps will run as windowed programs on Windows 9. The Windows 8 Start Screen is still there, though recent reports suggest Microsoft could disable it entirely for non-touchscreen desktop computers.

You can check out this leaked version of Windows 9 for yourself in the videos below, though it’s worth noting that Microsoft probably isn’t done refining the new OS. Rumor has it the company will offer up an official preview later this month, so hopefully it won’t be long before we get an official look at Windows 9.

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