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Heads Up, Guardians – First Slate of Unique Destiny Events Inbound

by Joey Davidson | September 12, 2014September 12, 2014 12:45 pm PST

Destiny (19)

We’re still working on our review of Destiny. Eric and I have both logged a ton of time into the game, but we’re not really ready to call the work done just yet. A large part of that comes from Bungie’s insistence that they’ll be bringing dynamic content in constantly, and that there’s a whole world of endgame to explore.

Today, Bungie announced the first wave of that free extra stuff that’s set to hit Destiny. Starting this weekend, we’ll have a new Crucible playlist and some weird person selling stuff in the Tower.

Bungie provided a full infographic for you consideration, complete with dates. Check it out.

Destiny - Incoming Events

This month will see some endgame raiding, unique story stuff and more Crucible content. Sounds good to me, especially at its price of… free.

What do you think of Destiny so far?

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