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AT&T Plans To Roll Out Wi-Fi Calling Early Next Year

by Brandon Russell | September 12, 2014September 12, 2014 6:00 pm PDT

Apple iPhone 6 Event - Wifi Calling

Like T-Mobile, AT&T says it will offer Wi-Fi calling to customers—the only thing is the feature won’t be available until early 2015.

While speaking at the Goldman Sachs investors conference, AT&T Mobile & Business Solutions CEO Ralph de la Vega described Wi-Fi calling as a “complement, not a replacement,” to features like voice-over-LTE and 3G voice.

Earlier this week, T-Mobile held an event dedicated to the exact feature de la Vega is in no rush to support. Wi-Fi calling is an important feature that allows users to make and receive calls where they might not get good reception, such as indoors. AT&T said the company is confident its network is good enough as it is, which is why he has taken his “complement” stance.

With iOS 8 now supporting Wi-Fi calling, it was only a matter of time before the bigger carriers warmed up to the feature. T-Mobile is going all-in, but AT&T is taking a much more measured approach as it ensures the technology works without any issues.


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