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SteamWorld Dig, Gunpoint, and Gone Home Grace New Humble Indie Bundle

Humble Bundle is going back to its roots with a healthy dose of the best indie games around. Humble Indie Bundle 12 offers $127 worth of games for whatever price you want, and judging by the excellent choices, that should hopefully be more than a single dollar.

Where do we even begin? My favorite of the bunch is Image & Form’s action platformer SteamWorld Dig. The game borrows heavily from “Metroidvania” and element mining games to create an addictive experience that craves “just one more dive!”

After SteamWorld Dig, we have Gunpoint, the indie game which made back its $30 budget mere seconds after going live. Indie developer Tom Francis recently tweeted that he is able to make a living off of this simple little puzzle platformer despite 0 percent of the Steam population owning it.

The final game at the basic level is Hammerwatch, a pixel based hack n’ slash I’ve never heard of. Looks decent enough to warrant a glance. I dig the music in the trailer at least.

At the average price tier is where the bundle really takes off though. Indie hits Gone Home, Papers Please and Luftrausers should all be pretty well known to those who follow the indie market, and paying the current price of $7.87 will land you all three of these modern classics.

Early Access to Prison Architect closes out the Humble Bundle at the $10 tier.

I’ve done a good job avoiding Humble Bundles for a while, but I would be really tempted to pick this one up if I didn’t already own most of the games. I think Gone Home is the only game that escapes my digital collection at this point, but I am a little strapped these days to change that.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from joining in on the fun. This is the best bundle in a long time, and everyone should check out the great games it has to offer.

Humble Bundle

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