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Fatal Frame Wii U Terrifies Japanese Girls in TV Spot, Camera Obscura Explained

by Ron Duwell | September 10, 2014September 10, 2014 6:30 pm PST

The casual Nintendo audience has come to anticipate certain kinds of games from a Nintendo platform. New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Wii Sports, perhaps a Kirby or Legend of Zelda game, but one thing they certainly don’t expect is a creepy horror game. The Fatal Frame series is the scariest in all of gaming with its depressing atmosphere and excellent use of scary ghosts emerging from the walls, and the Wii U is playing host to the fifth,¬†The Raven Haired Shrine Maiden.

When exploring the haunted settings of this series, the thing between the ghosts and you losing your soul is the¬†Camera Obscura, a clumsy single shot weapon which can entrap the undead within a photograph. A trailer released by Nintendo explains how the Wii U Gamepad doubles as the camera in this game, but it’s only available in Japanese seeing as this is most likely not getting an English release.

If the gameplay is not enough to sell you on the game, how about the reactions of two Japanese actresses. The TV spots Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have prepared for this game are priceless as two girls creep and crawl their way through this haunted nightmare. They are eve playing the game properly, at night with all the lights off.

Can’t tell if they are acting with that reaction, either, but I’ve covered my eyes once or twice while playing Fatal Frame 2: The Crimson Butterfly in a similar situation. I believe them. The other commercial is not as exciting or funny, but it gives a look into the mystery aspects and detective work of the game.

Fatal Frame: The Raven Haired Shrine Maiden will be released on the Wii U on Sept. 27 in Japan, and I curse the day that Nintendo thought region-locking would be a just swell idea.

Ron Duwell

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