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Apple Watch Battery “About A Day Right Now,” Source Says

by Brandon Russell | September 10, 2014September 10, 2014 11:00 am PST

We still have many lingering questions about Apple’s new smartwatch. Will it be visible in bright light? How much will the “sport” and “edition” models cost when they’re available? And how long will the battery last when it’s released early next year? That’s perhaps the biggest concern going into Apple’s new wearable future: will this thing last any longer than the current crop of Android Wear devices, which last about a day, if that?

Apple is reportedly trying to figure that out, which is perhaps why it won’t be available until after the holiday period. Via Re/code, sources claim Apple “isn’t yet happy with the watch’s battery life,” which is reportedly at about a day right now. The iPhone maker is allegedly working on making modifications in an effort to improve battery before the Apple Watch launches, though it’s unclear what kind of modifications are being made.

“We anticipate that people will charge nightly which is why we designed an innovative charging solution that combines our MagSafe technology and inductive charging,” an Apple spokesman said. The company didn’t directly address the battery life concerns, and only lead on that “people will love using it throughout the day.”

The Apple Watch certainly shows a lot of promise, and comes with a ton of features beyond just fitness tracking. But at $349, the price of entry is definitely steep, especially if the thing won’t last you throughout the day. “Early” 2015 could mean January of February, but it might also mean March or April if Apple can’t figure out the battery issues.


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