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Apple Reportedly Discussing Path Acquisition

by Jacob Kleinman | September 10, 2014September 10, 2014 9:00 pm PDT


Apple just announced a ton of new gadget and services, but the company may already be ramping up for another big move. A new report from PandoDaily claims the iPhone-maker is about to snatch up struggling social network Path in an effort to improve iOS and specifically its iMessage app, according to one anonymous Apple engineer with inside information.

Don’t expect this to be another multi-billion dollar deal on the scale of Whatsapp or Instagram. Despite a sleek design and a unique approach to social networking Path still isn’t very popular with just around 25 million active users. The company is currently ranked all the way down at 177th place among iOS social networking apps in the U.S. and was recently valued at less than $400 million. Apple could scoop up for Path for well under a billion dollars, though we’re still not sure why it’s even considering the acquisition.

Apple’s never been very good at social media (remember Ping?), but we don’t think buying Path will fix that problem. Then again, a private social network just for Apple fans might just work. Path also recently released its own messaging service, which could be incorporated into iMessage in one way or another. Honestly though, we’re having trouble seeing the value of this alleged deal, even if it only costs Cupertino $400 million.


Jacob Kleinman

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