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Xbox One’s October System Update Detailed – Kinect Averted!

by Joey Davidson | September 9, 2014September 9, 2014 8:30 pm PST

Another month, another Xbox One system update. This update seems focused on making the UI more friendly for those without Kinects, well, connected.

October adds better snapping. With the Kinect now entirely an option in the Xbox one experience, app snapping needed to happen more effectively with the platform’s controller. That’s now happened.

We also have access to messages in Snap, which looks solid.

Another Kinect averting feature now replaces “Xbox, Record That.” Double tap the Xbox button, press X and you’ll record the last 30 seconds of play. We talked about how Microsoft would have to slowly phase the Kinect requirement out of the UI equation soon, and they’re certainly doing that now.

Finally, the Friends section is no longer just an app. It’s now a whole slice of the main dashboard, and it’ll provide quick glimpses of what your friends are doing at any given time.

The October update looks big, folks. It’ll be here soon.

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