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iPhone 6 Plus Unveiled: 5.5-inch Screen and Improved iOS 8

by Brandon Russell | September 9, 2014September 9, 2014 10:09 am PST

Apple iPhone 6 Event - 3 iPhone Slim Profile

Apple just announced the iPhone 6 Plus during its press event in San Francisco. The device is the larger of Apple’s two new iPhones, and sports the exact design we’ve seen over the last several months: the sides are sloped over, and the screen size of the iPhone 6 Plus model is 5.5-inches with a “Retina HD” display (1920×1080). The 4.7-inch model, incidentally, has a screen resolution of 1334×750.

The device sports an Ion-strengthened glass, a 7.1mm body, improved polarizer, photo-aligned IPS liquid crystal and a two-pane display. On the messaging side, the UI is also a little tweaked, showing off faces right in the app, which is a neat little touch. Much of the focus seems to be on creating a similar experience that iPad users will enjoy (think of using the iPad mini); even the homescreen can work horizontally.

On the inside, Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus is packing a 64-bit A8 chip, which the company says is 13-percent smaller than the A7, and is up to 20-percent faster (with 50-percent faster graphics).

The design will obviously be what people talk about when the iPhone 6 Plus is officially released. The two new iPhones look fairly similar, but the Plus version is noticeably larger—Apple can finally hang with the myriad of large Android phones populating the market. What’s particularly notable is that Apple focused on creating an experience around the larger screen; it’s not just a larger iPhone with iOS 8.


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