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Luigi’s Mansion 2 Developer’s Failed Metroid Pitch Emerges

by Ron Duwell | September 8, 2014September 8, 2014 1:30 pm PST

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the Metroid franchise on a Nintendo console. No doubt, Nintendo is currently thinking of ways to take the popular series into the future now that nearly every 2D platformer on the indie scene is ripping off its formula. In the meantime, though, it is also in no rush to make just another Metroid game either.

Why not? Because Next Level Games, the Vancouver based developers behind Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, tried to convince Nintendo to let them handle a new game, and it was shut down. has stumbled across a handful of concept art from the portfolio of a former Next Level Games staff member. The most telling of the art pieces show what would have been the new Samus had Next Level Games gotten its way. His work looks a little too “new age” for me, similar to the liberal redesign of the Ninja Turtles of Nickelodeon, but if we had my way, the Metroid franchise would just be a rehash of Super Metroid every time.

That’s why I don’t make games.

Destructoid confirmed the pitch was real with trusted sources, and it also claims that a full blown prototype was built before it was shelved for Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

“Yes that is real. That’s the first I’d actually seen of that concept art, but a prototype was made before being shelved in favor of Luigi’s Mansion 2. It was about as bare-bones as it gets, but it was still pretty fun.”

Darn shame to hear, especially if you’re a Metroid fan starving for more. At least we got Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon out of this Metroid‘s failure, which is a decent little game that helped turn the fortunes of the flailing Nintendo 3DS. Worth it? I think so, at least from a financial standpoint for Nintendo.

There obviously isn’t any ill will on the matter either seeing that since its cancellation, Next Level Games has begun exclusively developing Nintendo products. Who knows? Maybe this Metroid pitch still exists and it is part of Nintendo’s greater plan for the future of the franchise.

Ron Duwell

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