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iCloud Security Upgrade Adds New Email Alerts for Suspicious Logins

by Jacob Kleinman | September 8, 2014September 8, 2014 12:00 pm PST

iCloud login

Following last week’s high-profile iCloud breach it looks like Apple is finally rolling out some security updates in an effort to help protect your photos and files. MacRumors reports that the company is now sending out email alerts whenever someone logs into your iCloud account from a web browser, offering the opportunity to quickly reset your password.


As you can see, Apple’s new email alert lets you know as soon as someone logs into your iCloud account from a browser, even if you already used that computer to access your cloud storage in the past. We’re guessing you’ll only get one email alert for each computer you login with moving forward. The new security measures will reportedly also go out if someone tries to change your password or restore a device connected to your iCloud account.

With Apple expected to announce a new mobile payments service at tomorrow’s big event alongside its latest gadgets it makes sense that the company is rolling out these security upgrades. After all, if you can’t trust iCloud to store your photos why would you trust it with your bank account? Thankfully it looks like the company is making a real effort to solve the issue, and it seems likely we’ll hear at least a bit more about iCloud security at Tuesday’s press conference.


Jacob Kleinman

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