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Motorola Will Bring Some of Its New Software Features to Older Devices


The new smartphones Motorola announced last week in Chicago didn’t just deliver new hardware, but also new software features, too — including Moto Voice, and a much-improved Moto Assist. But you shouldn’t feel too left out if you have one of last year’s Motorola handsets, because some of these features are coming to the original Moto X and Moto G.

“We have all new and improved software features across the board which make these devices work even better,” said Punit Soni, Motorola’s vice president of product management, in a Google+ post regarding the company’s new devices. “And better still, all that software will come to all our existing users too.”

Don’t think that just because you have an older Moto X or Moto G that you’re suddenly going to stop receiving new software with new features because newer handsets are now available, then. Motorola will ensure your device is still looked after, but as you might expect, there is one important caveat.

Soni adds that its older devices will only get new features “as long as the hardware allows it.”

That’s understandable, of course; it’s no good adding features just for the sake of it if they’re not going to work properly, because that leads to a poor user experience. It’s unlikely the Moto Actions feature on the new Moto X will be ported to its predecessor, then, because it relies on the handset’s new front-facing sensors situated around its display, which the original model doesn’t have.

It would be reasonable to expect to get the new Moto Voice, and the updates to Moto Assist, Moto Display, and the Gallery app, however.

Soni doesn’t say when updates for older devices will be available, but Motorola will likely integrate them into its Android L upgrades later this year. It seems unlikely the company will push out another KitKat update at this point — unless it has to to fix any problems that arise.

Killian Bell

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