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Leaked iPhone 6 Pictures Appear To Confirm Apple’s Mobile Payment System

by Brandon Russell | September 6, 2014September 6, 2014 9:30 am PST

Just days ahead of Apple’s Sept. 9 iPhone event, a retail model appears to have broken cover in the wild. We’ve seen parts of the device leak out numerous times over the past several weeks, and even the iPhone 6 pieced together, but nothing quite as significant as this. If it’s the real deal, we’re finally getting definitive confirmation of the design, but also Apple’s rumored mobile payment system.

While the 4.7-inch model doesn’t appear much different from the iPhone 5s to its left, the Passbook icon tells a new story. Above the plane tab appears to be a credit card tab—the larger images at the source plainly show a small credit card icon. We’ve heard so much about Apple’s rumored mobile payment system over the past few weeks now, and this is the biggest evidence yet it’ll be featured at next week’s announcement.

While the images haven’t been authenticated, they don’t appear to have been tampered with. Note that there are some Android knockoffs floating around, so the wool could be being pulled over our eyes. One thing that is immediately apparent is that the icons on the 4.7-inch model look smaller than they do on the iPhone 5s. We’ve been hearing the iPhone 6 will introduce different resolutions, so that could be a reason why.

We’re so, so close to Apple officially unveiling what its iPhone 6 will have to offer. In addition to two new phones, we’re also expecting to see an iWatch and iPad Air 2 with Retina. Not long yet. Until then, feast your eyeballs on the images above, and you can also see a very brief video of the device in action here.

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