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Motorola Announces a Trade-In Program for the New Moto X

by Jacob Kleinman | September 5, 2014September 5, 2014 9:00 am PST

Moto X Second Generation Product

The new Moto X is a pretty sweet deal at just $499 off-contract or $99 with a two-year deal, but Motorola is already offering its fans the opportunity to get an extra discount on the flagship phone. The company just announced a trade-in program for the new Moto X, offering up to $300 when you offer up your old smartphone.

Motorola’s new promotion is pretty straightforward. Just head to the official trade-in website, and type in the name of whatever smartphone or smartphones you want to get rid of. In return you’ll get an offer from the company for as much as $300. Then all you have to do is is order the new Moto X or Moto G within the next thirty days and you’ll get a prepaid Visa card from Motorola in the mail.

If you’re determined to pick up one of Motorola’s new phones as soon as possible this is a nice way to cut back on costs, though the company isn’t particularly generous with its trade-in offers. A near-perfect working 16GB iPhone 5s is valued at $240, while any noticeable damage drops the price down to either $48 or $0. Same goes for the Galaxy Note 3, while a 16GB Galaxy S4 will get you $120 at the most. How about the original Moto X? Motorola values its own 16GB flagship phone at just $60. Hopefully this year’s Moto X doesn’t drop in value quite so quickly.


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