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Moto 360 Sells Out Immediately, Google Glass Now on Google Play Store

by Brandon Russell | September 5, 2014September 5, 2014 11:00 am PST

Google Glass

Blink and you might have missed it. Motorola’s slick new Moto 360 went on sale today through the Google Play Store (and other retail channels), but the darn thing is already sold out. I bet sites like eBay and Craiglist will be pretty busy with sales over the coming weeks. You can try other sites such as and—you can even swing over to a BestBuy store, but don’t be surprised if stock is low or non-existent.

Additionally, and surprisingly, Google Glass is now being offered directly through the Play Store. No invite, no special membership and no initiation is need. The thing still costs $1,500—that’s the price of a really dumpy car you might give a high schooler. But for the more affluent and fanatical technophiles out there, $1,500 is but a small price to play to become the center of attention wherever you go.

There’s no indication when stock will be back for the Moto 360, so your best bet is to look elsewhere. As for Google Glass, you can choose from five different colors, and even select new frames or shades; the frames and shades, by the way, are an additional cost of $229 and $150, respectively. Google Glass ships in 1-2 days.


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