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The Consumer Version of Oculus Rift Could Cost Just $200

by Brandon Russell | September 4, 2014September 4, 2014 7:00 pm PST


Oculus wunderkind Palmer Luckey said the consumer version of Oculus Rift could retail for as little as $200. That’s a small price to pay relative to the technology’s potential, which will extend well beyond the realm of gaming. Even older folks are excited for what the Rift’s future holds, and that’s saying a lot for something so new and mysterious.

Realistically, Luckey feels the consumer version could be anywhere between $200 to $400, it just all depends on a number of factors he didn’t give too many details on. How much parts cost are an obvious factor, as is actual consumer interest. If it becomes the must-have item of 2015, perhaps Oculus will feel generous and price it at the lower end.

Although a release and price are still undecided, Luckey promised the final product will blow everyone away. That might seem like hyperbole, especially since Luckey founded the company. But we saw first-hand what the Crystal Cove prototype is capable of, and it was quite impressive. Luckey said the leap from the most recent developer kit (DK2) to the consumer version will be huge—as huge as the jump from developer kit 1 to the prototype we saw at CES.

Apparently Oculus has plans to increase the screen resolution even more, up from the 1080p in the developer version. Screen resolution was always a big obstacle in Rift’s early days, but we already know that there have been some major improvements thanks to one major phone maker. Luckey doesn’t elaborate too much more, only to say that the device will be much smaller and lighter than existing prototypes.

Samsung recently jumped into VR with the help of Oculus, so it’s likely we’ll see something that looks similar when the consumer version of Rift launches. Maybe we’ll see the final version break cover at CES early next year.


Brandon Russell

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