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Lightning Returns in Final Fantasy XIV for a Limited Time

Final Fantasy XIV Lightning

The hard part about being a fan of video game history and reliving your favorite series’ legacies is that you have to celebrate the good with the bad. For every excellent lead protagonist  in the Final Fantasy series like Cecil, Ramza, Terra, or Titus, you have a few duds. Unfortunately, Square Enix picked the dudd-iest of them all, Final Fantasy XIII‘s Lightning, to be the face of the company for nearly a decade, and it still isn’t quite through with its emotionally stunted heroine just yet.

Even though her own story has all but wrapped up after three games and nearly ten excruciating years, Square Enix has threatened to keep bringing her back for Final Fantasy entries beyond her own canon. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will star the character in a brand new adventure available only for a limited time. Those who complete the mission alongside Lightning will be granted her outfit as a reward.

Male characters will instead be granted her male compatriot Snow’s outfit instead.

Final Fantasy XIII Snow

Yes, because all I’ve ever wanted was to have my high fantasy cat-person looking like a dorky K-Pop boy band reject. Thank you, Square Enix. In all fairness, it doesn’t look half that bad from the image provided on the website.

Players who beat the mission multiple times will score bonus tokens for an added mini game and a whole host of weapons from Final Fantasy XIII. Check out the official webpage for information on where you can find the quest.

My advice? If you’re new to Final Fantasy with not a lot of experience outside of Final Fantasy XIII, take this opportunity to give Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn a try. It will give you a much more accurate look at the overarching lore and feeling of the series. It’s a beautiful game which perfectly captures the essence of what once made it so special and where it should be heading.

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