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Sony Action Cam Mini Hands On!

by Jacob Kleinman | September 3, 2014September 3, 2014 8:15 pm PST

Sony announced the Action Cam Mini, an even smaller and more portable version of its popular POV camera. The new device offers pretty much the same experience as its big brother in a much smaller package, though the company was forced to cut back in battery life in order to save space.

The Action Cam Mini packs an 11.9mp CMOS sensor, a Zeiss lens and offers advanced SteadyShot, a 170 degrees ultra wide-angle lens, a built-in stereo mic, and high speed recording at up to 120 frames per seconds. The entire thing weights just over two ounces and boasts a splash-proof rugged design. Like we said the battery is significantly smaller, and only lasts 75 minutes per charge (down from 140 minutes) unless you shut off its Wi-Fi. Sony’s also selling extra swappable batteries for $34.99 each. It launches next month starting at $249.99.

Sony is also offering a redesigned Live-View Remote, which lets you watch your POV footage as you film it from a wrist-based display. The remote comes with built-in GPS so you can include your speed, distance covered and even a map with each video you make. It can even be used to control up to five cameras at once. The Live-View Remote will be included with the camera itself as a slightly more expensive bundle starting at $350.

Jacob Kleinman

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